About Us

Gibraltar Chimney International specializes in the inspection, maintenance, and construction of all types of industrial chimneys and stacks for industrial and commercial applications. Our full range of services includes repair and retrofit of concrete chimneys, steel stacks and brick chimneys; chimney inspections and structural investigations; steel stack and nickle alloy stack and liner construction; brick chimney and liner construction; chimney demolition and other related services.  

Knowledge & Experience

Founded in 1999, Gibraltar Chimney's principal owners offer a combined 75 years of knowledge and experience in the areas of industrial chimney and stack construction, inspection, and maintenance. Our specialization in the industry makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate problems and defects in all types of chimneys and stacks.  GCI can make this knowledge work for you by developing cost-effective, innovative, and practical solutions tailored to solve your maintenance problems. Solution-oriented, Results-driven ... that is Gibraltar Chimney.


GCI understands that in today's "bottom line", market-driven economy; our performance is an integral component of your success. We also understand that it takes much more than competitive pricing to succeed. Ultimately, success requires the Vision to combine knowledge and experience with service and the foresight to recognize the value and importance of Safety.  And most of all, Vision requires building partnerships with our employees and clients, because Teamwork is the key to your success, as well as ours.


Commitment, Dedication, Integrity, and Trust are the cornerstones Gibraltar Chimney uses in building our team. A foundation we build with our clients and employees alike through our day-to-day business practices. Whether it's Safety, Quality or Completing Projects on Time and Within Budget; Gibraltar Chimney International is there to listen to your needs and be a part of your team.


Gibraltar Chimney International has the ability and experience to serve a diverse cross-section of clients throughout the United States and select International markets. From the industry-based sectors of manufacturing, petro-chemical, and power (electric utilities, cogeneration, and waste-to-energy) to commercial and institutional facilities, such as hospitals, colleges, and universities; GCI understands that each industry has specific requirements and problems.  At Gibraltar Chimney International, we will focus on your needs and requirements.


Professionals on the job... that is Gibraltar Chimney International

We understand that professionalism starts with Safety.  Maintaining a safe work environment is a commitment we make to each and every customer, their employees, and the entire staff of GCI.  Our personnel is trained to understand safety practices required for OSHA compliance.

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