Jansons Gibraltar offers a full complement of inspection services. We are active contributing members of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), Fossil Power Committee on Chimney and Stack Assessment and our personnel have been instrumental in formulating numerous Chimney and Stack Inspection Programs for utility companies throughout the United States.

We recognize that planned maintenance is considerably more cost-effective than unscheduled maintenance and therefore we concentrate on providing our clients with detailed and comprehensive inspections that will assist them in developing a planned maintenance approach to their chimney/stack maintenance.

Our efforts and commitment to provide professional inspection services for chimneys and stacks begins with our experience and knowledge, obtained through both field experience and study. Combining this experience with a thorough understanding of various NDT methods, inspection technologies, and code requirements; enables Jansons Gibraltar to offer a vast array of inspection services.

Structural Investigations and Comprehensive Chimney and Stack Condition Assessments (per ASCE guidelines)

  • Level I, Level II, and Level III Chimney and Stack Inspections
  • Concrete and Brick Chimneys
  • Non-destructive Concrete Testing; including Concrete Covermeter, Schmidt Hammer testing, and others. 
  • Concrete Core Sample Removal
  • Physical Testing of Concrete (i.e. Compressive Strength, Petrographic Analysis, Carbonation Depth, etc.)
  • Crack Monitoring on Concrete and Brick Chimneys
  • Adhesion Testing of Fiber Wrapped Concrete Shells
  • Hardness Testing of FRP
  • Brick Liner Alignment Surveys
  • Steel Stacks and Liners
  • Ultrasonic Thickness ("UT") Profiling - Stacks, Ducts, Tanks, and other Steel Structures
  • Suspended Scaffold, Crane, and Rope Access Inspections

Remote Visual Inspections (RVI)

  • RVI for 'on-line' chimney/stack applications
  • RVI for personnel safety in hazardous or confined space situations

OSHA Compliance Inspections

Inspection Database Programs (system-wide contracts or single site/chimney applications)

Life Extension Evaluations and Preventive Maintenance Programs

Cursory Exterior Inspections at no cost (e-mail [email protected] or call 888-337-4424)