Structural reinforcement of a 254' x 22' id steel Stack

The Unit #2 Stack at Con Ed's East River Generating Sta. was erected in 1929 when the station went into operation.  After 85 years of operation, the riveted steel stack needed reinforcement to compensate for  corrosion loss of stack shell plates; as well as to keep current with updated building codes. 

The reinforcement involved the installation of nearly 125,000 lbs. of steel to the structure; which, because the stack is supported at the boilerhose roof, required lifting all materials from the street to the roof elevation. The project scope included:   

  • The erection and continuous welding of (10) 8'x8"x1-1/8" steel angles, spaced equally around the circumference of the stack over a 175' section.
  • Notching of vertical stiffener angles to accomodate overlapping riveted plate seams.
  • The installation (11) horizontal stiffener levels, consisting of double 4"x7"x1/2" and 4"x4"x1/2" steel angles.
  • The erection of a 360 scaffold in compliance with NYCDOB Scaffold & Rigging requirements.
  • NYCDOB and MTA crane permits.
  • Abatement of lead-coating at all regions where welding was performed.
  • The installation of a new ladder system.
  • Modification of existing service platforms and electrical service.