Structural Repair of a concrete chimney aT a Former mill in camden, maine

Following a comprehensive inspection to assess the overall condition and structural integrity of the 170' tall concrete chimney in Camden, Maine; Jansons Gibraltar performed repairs to ensure the structure was capable of supporting cell communications equipment.  The outcome involved a partial height demolition and approximately 1,000 square feet of structural concrete repairs. Project highlights included:

  • The demolition and removal of the upper 40' section of concrete chimney at a commercial property, located immediately adjacent to a busy street in the center of town.
  • Erecting a traveling scaffold to provide 360 access over the entire height.
  • Performing 1,000 square feet of structural concrete repair; including reinforcing steel replacement.
  • Repair of vertical stress cracks.
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of a new chimney cover.