BRICK LINER Rebuild of a 500’ x 26’ ID Reinforced Concrete Chimney

After a lightning strike damaged the upper footages of the Unit #2 Chimney at the FPL Manatee Plant, GCI was contracted to rebuild the upper 15' section.  Project highlights included:  

  • Stabilizing the damaged brickwork
  • Piecemeal demolition of the cast-iron cap and brickwork and lowering debris to grade elevation
  • Rebuild of the upper 15’ section of the liner using double-solid acid brick conforming to ASTM 980 Chimney Liner Brick
  • The installation of a new Type 316L stainless steel cap
  • The installation of new lining bands at various elevations  
  • The repair of CEMS platforms damaged by falling brickwork and the installation of overhead protection.