Design, Fabricate & Erect (2) Replacement Stacks 140’ x 9’ OD Dual-Wall Steel Stacks

Philip Morris USA contacted Jansons Gibraltar to assist a plant service contractor in stabilizing one of their 140' tall boiler stacks which were in imminent failure. Jansons Gibraltar developed an emergency stabilization and dismantling plan to safely remove the stack and avoid a plant shutdown. 

Following the emergency response, Jansons Gibraltar was contracted to replace both stacks at the Richmond facility and install (2) additional stacks.  project highlights included:  

  • Emergency response to assist plant service contractor to stabilize and remove the Unit #2 stack and avoid plant shut-down due to a stack collapse.
  • Design, fabricate, and erect the Unit #2 - 140’ x 9’ dual-wall steel stack.
  • Turn-key removal and replacement of the Unit #1 - 140’ x 9’ dual-wall steel stack.
  • 500-ton hydraulic crane at a  165' radius.
  • Removal and installation of new inlet breechings.
  • Design, fabricate, and erect a 57'-8" x 3' OD unlined steel stack for a new boiler at the Richmond Plant.
  • Design, fabricate, and erect a 140' x 8'-6" OD dual-wall steel stack at the Park 500 Plant.