Brick Liner Stabilization & Repair

A routine inspection of the 350’ x 24’-4” concrete chimney identified severe cracking and partial collapse of the pilasters on both sides of one of the flue openings in the brick liner.  The restricted workspace and precarious condition of the collapsing brickwork prevented personnel from attempting a piecemeal demolition.  The possibility of a wholesale and simultaneous collapse of both pilasters added concerns that such an event might of trigger additional lining failure within the tight annular space.

Jansons Gibraltar developed an innovative plan to execute a piecemeal demolition of each of the pilasters using a hydraulic jack system and then implemented necessary stabilization repairs.  Project highlights included:      

  • Reinforcing the lower 15’ section of the brick liner with timbers and a sand base before demolition.
  • Design and construction of an internal frame system for the hydraulic jacks.
  • Controlled collapse of the brick pilasters using remotely operated hydraulic jacks.
  • Piecemeal hand demolition of loose brickwork after the hazard was removed.
  • Reconstruction of the pilasters and brick lining using a combination of brickwork and structural-grade polymer concrete.