Brick Lining Replacement in a 320’ x 18’-10” Concrete Chimney

During a routine inspection, Gibraltar Chimmney identified severe cracking and 'out-of-plane' displacement of the liner wall in several sections of the corbel brick lining in the 320' tall concrete chimney at the WPS Westwood Generation Plant, located in Tremont, PA.   The hazardous conditions created the potential for lining failure and collapse and consequently removal and replacement was warranted.  GCI was the successful bidder for the lining replacement project which incuded:

  • Temporary shoring and reinforcement of the elevated concrete false floor
  • The piecemeal demolition of (5) 30'  sections of the corbel brick liner.
  • Lowering debris to insure the elevated floor would not be damaged.
  • Removing debris from the floor elevation and chuting debris to grade for disposal.
  • Re-construction of sectional brick liner with approx. 32,000 chimney lining brick conforming to ASTM C980. 
  • Cold weather work requiring temporary heat during construction.
  • The installation of new CEMS testports.