installation of a 12' id incolloy liner in a 250' x 12'-9" id concrete chimney 

As a part of environmental upgrades at the Arizona Public Service Cholla Plant, APS installed a wet-scrubber system which necessitated retro-fitting the Unit #1 chimney to accommodate the operational changes. The structure, a 250’ tall reinforced concrete chimney equipped with a corbel brick lining, was modified and an Incoloy 27-7 Mo liner was installed. The scope of work for the project included:

  • Interior abatement of corbel joints
  • Demolition of selective areas of the brick lining
  • Installation of a new 250’ × 11’-3” Ø Incoloy 27-7 Mo Liner
  • Installation of a liquid-collection system and drain piping
  • Cutting openings in the concrete shell for new sample ports & CEMS equipment
  • Replacement of FAA obstruction lighting
  • The removal of a micro-wave antenna system
  • Lead-coating abatement and re-coating of the concrete shell